Monthly Archives: October 2009

To Stem or Not To Stem is The Question

I knew sooner or later I would have to take on this subject. Since I have talked about it for years, I guess it’s time to lay it on the line. If a poll were taken amongst those considered to be some of the country’s most well known winemakers, most would not even consider using […]

Mark’s Duck House – December 2008

Mark’s Duck House December 2008 Robert Parker The big holiday bash at Mark’s Duck House featured their exquisite special-order dim sum plus many additions, such as the deep-fried whole fish, clams with black bean sauce, their roast pork (probably the best I have ever tasted there), Chinese sausage, and fried rice. I think someone even […]

Thoughts From Winemaker Greg Linn

I have often been asked by friends and family what I think of a particular wine. It seems the longer you do this for a living, people around you expect that you’re the Guru or Yoda of tasting. No doubt years of tasting fine wine helps hone one’s palate – or “train” may be the […]

Todays Topic? The DNA of a Vintage

What’s in a vintage? Glad you asked. Although California is not as susceptible to vintage variation as say Oregon, France, or Italy, it certainly does not mean we don’t have differences. There are so many things that go into a great vintage vs. a bad vintage, it would take volumes of writing to cover it […]