Monthly Archives: November 2009

The Art of Blending

I’ve heard many refer to myself and other winemakers as artists. I’ve never gotten my mind around this concept.  Me, an artist? The same man who can’t play an instrument but loves music, and singing especially in the shower. Me, who’s only drawings worth a damn were stick men while I was doodling in school. […]

Wines is not created equally

I have been roundly criticized by some in the wine world for our bottle prices. I can’t answer all (one on one) because they hit and run. Theyll post something on a blog and make a comment then move on to bash someone else. You don’t have to be uneducated to be ignorant. In fact, […]

More from less!

I went into winemaking because I really believed we could do it better. I’m not a visionary as some of my dear friends are but I do believe there is an absence of passion in the winemaking community. I would never begrudge a person who wants to make their own wine but if it’s just to start […]

Random Encounter’s!

In between my bloviating about things I think I know about, I like to throw in personal interest stories of characters and friends found through wine. Yes, wine has this great ability to lead you into rooms with extraordinary people you would otherwise not be invited. So wine, besides being the greatest of beverages, can […]

All things being equal?

Yes, I had a tease in my last posting so I might as well get it off my chest. But please, read between the lines because this is not a negative article. It’s just factual! What am I talking about? Well, my beloved Burgundy. What else? There are few people on this planet that have […]


If you’ve learned anything from my blogs, you would know by now that I’m not a great writer. In fact, if any of my high school teachers knew I was writing anything, they would probably roll over and die. Come to think of it, they’re more than likely all dead by now! So, if there’s […]