Monthly Archives: December 2009

Real or False Bio Readings!

Here’s the deal, blogs are normally opinions of the writer. They should be convincing and sprinkled with good old fashion facts that are easily verifiable. But opinion is just that, opinion. And claiming to be a self confessed prophet is ridiculous. I do have strong beliefs honed from experience but most of you do also […]

Cross Roads!

So, here’s a story that’s rather funny, at least to me.  I had already started my trek into fine wine and was in search of every allocated item that could be found. I had not settled on any particular varietal at this point because the whole thing was still new and anything hard to find […]

What’s With The Stemware?

Disliking the pomp and circumstance of wine has set me up as an outsider. I’m one who refuses to believe that wine was made for royalty and only royalty have the right to it’s magical equations and definitions. Yes, I hate elitists and those that won’t share what they know, the person who believes he […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

Remember that old adage? Too much of a good thing becomes bad. Yes, these days it’s not just limited to drinking. It’s too much milk, too much meat, too much salt, too much, too much! I’ve never subscribed to such babel since as soon as you’re following the latest wisdom dug up from a limited […]