Those few that read my ramblings about stuff the Universe, World, Country, State, County, City, and Neighborhood could give a flying beep about, well? Today is different, because all the aforementioned should give a Blank!

Today I write of a loss, a friend, a mascot, a brother, defender, family member, and someone I wish you all had met!

Greg Linn Wines had its origins in Ambullneo Vineyards. That Label was dedicated to the Ambullneo Mastiff and more to the point one Rockne! Yes named after the great N.D. couch! Rock as is easy and common to say was my best friend. He had no bigotry, religion, or preconceptions. He cared nothing about politics, taxes or laws. Rock cared about, what was for dinner, when was dinner, can he have a friend over, that’s a girl friend, and napping. He took care of me, my kids and our family, He was a bully at times but social graces were not his thing. Black and white! Right and wrong! Screw with his loved ones and well, there was consequence. He farted when he wanted too, he peed on things he should not have, and he always had my back!

I woke up this morning and herd him crying! We all knew for some time he was getting close at the age of 11, but still unprepared. I brought him home after we put him to sleep, that’s how I want to think of him Sleeping. I have been digging and preparing his resting spot all day. I am convinced the average human can cry for 24 hours straight and not hurt anything but the heart. I am heading for the record and as I write I am blurry at best. So I ask you my small and loyal audience, am I a big Baby? Is this a normal reaction? It’s not the first, but this was different! Rock was a franchise player, he was the Logo, the label, the inspiration. I have only once been so moved, that was when my Father passed away. Is it right to care for an animal as much as fellow humanity?

The answers are left to you! Your feelings are yours.  I will never judge, but this was a great loss to me. I lost my Brother as I said, and the wound will never completely heal. I will learn to accept his loss but his grave will be kept, and I will be there each morning to say hello! Great sacrifice there is indeed to join in the care and friendship of a Canine. But if you give one tenth of what you receive in return, you will articulate more and express that which is real much more than will ever be capable if you had not.

I hope you all, one day feel as deeply as I have.

A poem written for Rock

Your marching along, a road to pave
In the middle of the litter soon be saved
Becoming that which you never could dream
Becoming that something, two eyes that beam

You became so big, all lost their breath
You laid in the grave but still your kept
For into the night in a star lit sky
There is no matter, You’re to big to die

Roads lay waste to what seemed more
You become something else, much more secure
As that road meets you, in an head on collision
You just fall down making that one wrong decision

Don’t play the Trumpet it’s premature at best
Don’t hear no siren from over the crest
For into the night in a star lit sky
Apologies to all, you’re too big to die

Yes the memories rest in the minds that you touched
Accumulate and multiply till there mixed like dust
Monsters were made to look like man
Forced us all, than became your fans

There will be no rest in peace
For you’re not gone, and we won’t weep
Your foot print so large, new consolation up high
Yes my friend, you’re to fucking big to die

Absorbed with you, in truth no lie
So while I’m around, you’re too big to die

–Greg Linn