Regulations on Breathing

We are being taxed, and regulated to the brink of insolvency. The water we use, the air we breathe, the chemicals used, the work force utilized. This is not a blog against clean water, or clean air, but it is a protest against over reach and the nanny state.

How is it the State always knows best what’s good for us? Without exception they cannot be wrong. There was a time when we voted on matters that were consequential to our well being. There was a time that representation mattered, that those we voted into office were listened too because the people sent them. But lobbies and beliefs have over ridden the people. Now I could care less whether you’re on the far left or right in politics, what your religion is or is not and I don’t care what color you are! You must agree that laws by decree are not in the people’s best interest. The Knuckle Heads in Sacramento some of who never ran a business decide to enact law without understanding its ultimate effect. Our Governor who I had the honor of meeting long ago, and who seems a level headed human being, must realize what happens with over reach.

The facts are that we cannot survive under the weight of the state unless we raise prices to survive. Inflation is by its nature an adjustment to keep the lights on and gives us the ability to pay our employees. And who pays more, you of course. But if you refuse, another right, then were gone!

Forget the License fees from our State and every other State we do business plus the Federal Government. Forget the taxes we need to pay from the same. As a producer of an Alcohol product were already scrutinized more than most small business owners by a large margin. On top of that we need to follow the normal work place rules set forth by state regulations. When you finally get to a point when you feel you can see the light at the end of the tunnel the state steps in and hits you again. If you’re in a high risk fire zone they tax you for that, if you are near the coast they tax you for that, and now they have come up with a way of not taxing you, yes that’s right it’s called putting you out of business.

There’s a winery in Castro Valley Ca., who as reported in the San Jose Mercury News, just got fined $115,000.00. Now do you know what for? The fine was because they allowed a man whom was retired and did not need to be paid, to volunteer his time. He wanted to learn about wine so he made his own God given (free will) decision to volunteer his time, and energy to pursue a love he had found, Wine! He was not forced to work, he showed up when he wanted and it kept an otherwise stagnate mind busy and healthy. The owner said that the fine was equivalent to nine years of profit and now he is folding up shop. The end! Does this make sense to anyone? Now there is no revenue, no jobs, no tax collected. In a state that is fighting for jobs the answer is to force us to close. Why did the State fine him, because he was not covered by workmen’s comp, not paying state income tax. My god the man was retired, he could afford his own insurance, he wanted to do this but his free will was stripped and his enabler attacked. What’s next? If I go to the super market and push my cart up and down the aisles is that not working as hard? I have four kids so it may be harder. Do I have to pay workers compensation to be allowed to do this most basic of rights. Don’t laugh, if they can get away with it they will, believe me! I cannot begin to tell you what we must do to survive. I don’t have the time, and this is a blog not a book. I am not sure how I survived to my 60th year without the States help, but I am sure I would like to volunteer at the local shelter from time to time. How about the library, or maybe one of those state Senators campaigns, wait a minute would they fine the capital? Hmm don’t think that’s going out of business anytime soon! This is ridiculous period. So close the library, close the shelter, shut the doors on the grocery store. We must protect you despite ourselves.

They know best, and since we are not capable of free will why not lock us all up, as we must be a danger to ourselves. Maybe we should change the Good Samaritan laws? You know helping someone in need from a predator. Who do they fine than, the poor person you’re helping or the street owner who’s property you traversed getting to him or her. I understand the need for common sense rules but it is no more dangerous pouring someone a glass of wine as it is to shop for a brand new pair of underwear. Or is it? We are very small and do not need volunteer help, however many allow for a day or a week end this ageless tradition. To give the experience of making something with one’s own hands and becoming a better person for the pursuit. Normally these people are given free meals and wine for their efforts and come away from the experience with stories to tell for years to come. I wonder should we stop High Schools whom make pottery, BBQ Pits, clothing all donated to the less fortunate? The kids who perform these acts are sometimes under the ages of 16, so should social services get involved? The world has gone nuts, no good intention goes unpunished. Please stop, the regulations are crushing us, and our ability to be competitive leads to less quality, less innovation, or demise.

Please don’t regulate my breathing, yes I know I am exerting CO2 but I can’t afford the fine. The alternative in that case is, well you know, stop breathing.

–Greg Linn

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