Ab-stract art: (art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable, reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors and textures)

So we announce our artist series bottling. As I repeat from a former blog we have invented nothing new in the making of wine, but are not afraid of trying different things, both new and old. Our Company Logo is an abstract interpretation of my signature and we have painted it on some bottles for your pleasure in different color combinations.

Our wines all start out as “ab-stract” its definition goes like this: (existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence). Yes our wines exist in thought first, not from a predetermined formula they are assembled from our minds putting the building blocks together but never forced. As a golfer may see his shot before swinging, we see the end product before taking form, so we are abstract. Our wines are built backwards if you will, as we are searching for something in color, texture, flavors and we strive to have them all come together, with vineyard work, barrel selection, duration, temperatures, picking habits, etc.. The ab-stract, conscious wields that which is not formed physically, existing solely in one’s mind. So you see the wine that ends up in the bottle was already assembled subconsciously. For those that don’t know me I swear I don’t do mushrooms, or acid!

Achieving the result that was already there in mind is a rewarding experience. The years of tasting wine gives your thought process a larger inventory to draw from. As you taste more you add more to your palate memory and in turn can start the process with much more to choose from. Assembling the wines in your mind, conceptually first, and then physically presenting them later. So you see the wine already existed, I just had to put the blocks together, as easy as the fort I built in kindergarten. Most wines made today are made by the numbers, like bad art. They are put together with no pre-thought, just reacting to circumstances and then in the end you get what you wanted, a sound wine with no abstract, moniker, or signature!

Let’s put all this another way, you draw the picture, write the lyric, sketch the car or build the house mentally before it’s been revealed on the computer screen or paper. This is no different! Most of us are more abstract than we like to admit. I can see your response now, in my mind!

Please enjoy these new offerings and please accept my thanks for those that keep reading,

Greg Linn

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