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Where or where will it end? Unlimited money to burn is a great thing, I mean who would not want such means. But I ask this question up front, is it good for the wine industry? The prices for my beloved Burgundy have reached a point where I can no longer participate. Please hold your […]

Kobayashi Maru

The name first appearing in Star Trek Wrath  of Khan, it’s a test given to all Star Fleet officers. The so called “no win scenario”! Addressing the choice for this name is not easy, as it addresses my persona as much as anything. I would say like the character in Star Trak, one Captain James […]

The Pope of Barbaresco

A span of time measured in months, years or decades is finite, micro, meaningless. However when measured against piers in one’s own industry these measurements can be vast. This condensed version of time will record that with in this very short period a star was born, a region realized, a building of a new world […]