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Once again I write of the findings revealed in the useful addition of stems in our Pinot Noir offerings. A concept not new but rarely used here in the U.S. as the outcome is unpredictable and completely foreign to many wine makers. Side note there were no De-stemmers in the 1800’s. However, a lot of […]


Those few that read my ramblings about stuff the Universe, World, Country, State, County, City, and Neighborhood could give a flying beep about, well? Today is different, because all the aforementioned should give a Blank! Today I write of a loss, a friend, a mascot, a brother, defender, family member, and someone I wish you […]

Without Compromise

You stand before the Y in the road, one goes up one goes down, both lead to your destination. A new business, a new life, a new future. So do you climb the hill, take the struggle? Let’s frame the question in a different way. Opportunity is at the end of both roads. However, the […]

Wine History & Scoring

Some of the writers out and about who were once destined to be historians and could not find a career found wine instead. This leads me to the subject of this blog. Is it important to know everything there is about a wine region, wine family before you can truly enjoy the bottle of wine. […]

One Hell of a Bargain

I have heard an awful lot about the pricing of wines lately. I covered a little of this in the three tier system blog. It’s easy to spout off about the price of a bottle of wine with no idea what goes into making it. Yes all wine is “Not” created equally so what gives […]


The day had not yet reached dawn while the power surged through the dimly lit Winery. Dr. Frankenstein considered his next move. I need more parts, more ingredients, more interference. Yes, Yes my creation is at hand. But Doctor, his able body assistant fresh out of U.C. Davis opined, you’ve already added more acid than […]


Let me say this loud and clear, Storage is the single most important thing you can do preventing damage to a bottle of wine. Some still don’t get it, and I’m not talking only of the retail customer, I’m talking of the wholesaler, distributor, retail shop and restaurant. I have been lucky enough to fly […]


Do you remember when all you longed for was ice cream, cake and candy, wishing everyday was your Birthday? Then as we got older a great piece of meat or fish or even a great vegetable. I don’t pretend that great desert is not still craved, but you now have contrast, choices and you enjoy […]

Raw Material

If you were to start a business, family, or plan a trip around the world you would most differently put some pre thought into it would you not? I mean doing anything on a whim might seem exciting but the consequences can be disastrous. Yet many of our planted vines over the last 100 years […]

Nonno Family

What’s in a name you ask? Well, for me it was an accumulation of decisions that brought me to this intersection that is known as now. Let me give you one such example out of millions. My Grandfather Colargio Zito and my Grandmother Giovana came to the new World in the early part of the […]

Dirty Laundry

It’s true that people, not governments, are what make up the soul of a country. The essence of a people is not the negotiated treaties, bloated talking heads or propagandized photos which we consume daily. In fact, our so called “free press” is not so keen on providing images of what life is really like […]

We The People

So, for those that have read my blogs before, you won’t be surprised at the subject chosen for your intellectual stimulus today. Please forgive me for my transparency, but it’s high time we break down the borders of the so called United States (the key words) of America. Yes united, all states to form a […]

Truth In Labeling

Do you long for those days in the so distant past when we did not have computers, cell phones, flat screens, satellite, and HDTV? Yes, when you had to get off your ass to change the channels, oops. When you always had a dime to phone home? That was a special time in our country. […]

Screw This!

Some subjects are more interesting than others, depending upon your point of view and the overall fondness for the subject matter. I know one thing, this is akin to the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s when taking this subject on. No one is on the fence. Enclosures, sounds pretty dry so far but it’s the hottest subject […]


I read an article today from a friend and great writer (unlike me) that talked of classics in terms of a wine region or even a wine producer. (See Matt Kramer’s column Drinking Out Loud for full details.) For those who have not read any of his pieces, you are missing one of the most […]

Sour Taste!

I am often reminded of just how little some in the industry know when it comes to harvesting their crop. Yes, those best laid plans of trying to achieve the perfect wine, and yet they squander the opportunity early on while tasting in the vineyard. Let me tell you, it’s part amusing, frustrating, and ignorant […]