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Reaching into my bag of tricks layered in the thousands of useless information compartments flowing with electrical impulses more commonly known as my mind, I found this subject worth revisiting. Yes ground covered again, not for the General Patton’s of the world but sometimes we see too much and need remind those whom still fall […]

Behind The Mask

I had a friend who married the most beautiful Woman, a real head turner no doubt. When they were dating she seemed to be everything he ever dreamed, and frankly all of his friends were mesmerized. After a short romance they announced their engagement and I for one stopped long enough to ask the question, […]

Mother Nature

Don’t Mess With Mother Nature Being reminded of the guy whom sits in the meeting with his fellow peers being asked by the boss for opinions to move the company forward leads me to a story.  You see one such employee before the meeting confides with another, an idea that would hands down make things […]

Trio Vinum

You know where high yields are good? Thought you would never ask! Oil wells come to mind. Energy of all kinds in fact, say electricity, natural gas, coal/ wind. What about diamond Mines, Gold Mines, or gems of any kind. High yields of endangered species would be a good thing.  More trees, more air, more […]

Many Layers of Terroir

What really is terroir? Wikipedia says the following: From (terre), is the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with plant genetics, express in agricultural products such as Wine, Chocolate, Hops, Tomatoes, Heritage Wheat and Tea. That’s a mouth full don’t you think? Now you thought I […]


Ab-stract art: (art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable, reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors and textures) So we announce our artist series bottling. As I repeat from a former blog we have invented nothing new in the making of wine, but are not afraid of trying different […]

Always Been Done That Way

So I wandered to the Central Coast of California as that’s the place I felt the greatest potential existed to make world class Pinot Noir. I was not alone in this thinking, long before me Robert Parker, Matt Kramer and many such respected wine writers talked of the potential that existed here. Long before me […]

Regulations on Breathing

We are being taxed, and regulated to the brink of insolvency. The water we use, the air we breathe, the chemicals used, the work force utilized. This is not a blog against clean water, or clean air, but it is a protest against over reach and the nanny state. How is it the State always […]

Measuring Greatness

As a young boy greatness was measured in how many home runs one hit, (Mickey Mantle) or by golf tournaments won (Arnold Palmer). I know there are others with more of both but those were my childhood legends. As one proceeded, you realize greatness is at home. Your Father who worked a factory job he […]

Gentleman’s Game

Ever play Golf? It’s the ultimate Gentleman’s game. Gentlemen being used in the term best associated with integrity, honesty and sportsmanship. Not in the term of sexism, plenty of women can beat the pants off of many men, but the word gentlewomen, well it sounds strange. Anyway golf and wine both have had a long […]


Once again I write of the findings revealed in the useful addition of stems in our Pinot Noir offerings. A concept not new but rarely used here in the U.S. as the outcome is unpredictable and completely foreign to many wine makers. Side note there were no De-stemmers in the 1800’s. However, a lot of […]


Last week I lost my Father in Law to a two year battle from a very aggressive form of cancer. It was a sad ending to a rock of a man whom was more than family, he was my friend. There are times in one’s life when reflection reveals just how much those that came […]

Evolution of a Palate

My story is “Not Unique” and I was not born with a silver spoon. My first images when discussing wine always go back to my Sicilian roots and small water glasses half full of vino, around a huge table that folded away. Yes they are seared into me as if I could awake tomorrow and […]


Those few that read my ramblings about stuff the Universe, World, Country, State, County, City, and Neighborhood could give a flying beep about, well? Today is different, because all the aforementioned should give a Blank! Today I write of a loss, a friend, a mascot, a brother, defender, family member, and someone I wish you […]

Con Game

How would you like to buy a ten dollar gold watch, or how about the Brooklyn Bridge? Funny old sayings but sadly the con-game has attacked the wine world with a vengeance. There are two types of con’s selling an item that you know to be worth an extravagant price for peanuts, and convincing the […]

Without Compromise

You stand before the Y in the road, one goes up one goes down, both lead to your destination. A new business, a new life, a new future. So do you climb the hill, take the struggle? Let’s frame the question in a different way. Opportunity is at the end of both roads. However, the […]